US Election: Eric Reverence Sues For Peace

In light of last week’s political chaos in the United States following the result of the 2020 Presidential Election, a United Kingdom (UK) Christian Music minister and songwriter, Eric Reverence has urged the people of the United States to turn to God in prayers for peace.

On Wednesday last week, television cameras in the U.S showed footages of president Trump’s supporters apparently storming the capitol to protest the announcement of the Democratic candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden as the president-elect over claims of electoral fraud against the Republican candidate, president Donald Trump.

Speaking via his social media handle, the music artist, while encouraging the people of the United States to be of good cheer and not be agitated about how the power tussle will end, said that it is pivotal for American citizens and the rest of the world to pray for peace, especially in the United States at such a time as this.

He implored the agrieved voters to desist from acts of violence and wait on God to make his will for the american people known, saying, nobody has the capability to outsmart God. “People should always rely on God to help them as he as done in times past”, the singer stated.

Eric Reverence is interested in leading people in a unique and authentic worship of God, and to proclaim the gospel of God through personal testimony in order to showcase the love and power of God to the whole world.


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