NigeriaAt60: What Nigeria Aims To Achieve?

If this question was put to a patriotic Nigerian 60 years ago he would have said “Freedom from the British rule”. This was the aim of our nation for nearly a century and at last we achieved the goal thanks to the relentless work of our past great leaders like Late Sir. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

Since the birth of independence the country’s aim has been the achievement of economic freedom from the British Colonial masters, we inherited not merely the land but also the poverty and backwardness. The colonial rule had been one of sheer exploitation. The great task of constructing and uplifting the nation fell on our leaders. Nigeria was once on the Agricultural industry map of the world before the oil boom (Crude oil a curse or blessing for Nigeria?) The question whether crude oil is a curse or blessing for Nigeria, has remained and will continue to be an inconclusive one even though it brought about a great revenue turnaround for the country.

But unfortunately the country doubled and trebled into bribery and corruption a tax free heaven. Whatever was achieved later on was sufficient only for a fraction of the population distablizing social stratification building a two way route the “bourgeoisies” and “proletariats” accommodating the “Who you know, Who knows you and Whose candidate are you” a quack requirement that puts us on a rollercoaster heading for disaster.

Economic freedom is as elusive as a mirage. To add to the misfortunes of poor governance, corruption, poverty and absentmindedness of virtually most important human amenities (Healthcare, Education, Security etc.) We were compelled to waste our dear resources into personal accounts of greedy leaders, fighting insurgencies in various parts of the country. In these modern days war is an expensive luxury even for a developed nation.

These wars no doubt put our development backwards by some decades. Grinding poverty at home and corrupt leaders are our problems. What in these circumstances should be our aim? Our aim is thorough sanitization of our political atmosphere, Our aim should be tackling insurgencies which are wasteful and disastrous, Our aim is creating world class standard education for all. On the economic front the odds against us are heavy. Failure of monsoon, illegal practices by leaders, traders and unchecked accountabilities are causing us perennial problems.

The Government is straining every nerve to provide agricultural facilities and loans. But the problem is colossal in its dimensions. In these circumstances our aim is to try further in checkmating irregularities, maintaing and improving lives of a common citizen, improve the economic growth of the nation by dealing with corruption, hoarding and black marketers with a firm hand.

Happy independence Day Nigeria!

God bless Nigeria

By: Muhammad Mubarak Ibrahim. He tweet with the handle @meet_muby.


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