NigeriaAt60: Together For Greatness

At a time when well-meaning Nigerians all over the world are celebrating 60th independence from the colonial leadership. I, as a concerned citizen, want to use this important season, with great history to convey to the people of Nigeria, especially those at the helm of affairs and charge them to use the time to reflect on some of the lingering problems that the Nation is currently experiencing and find a workable solution(s) for sustainable development.

We should know that, It’s our collective responsibility — as a progressive citizens and development enthusiasts to always advocate for good governance, transparency, financial accountability plus mounting government with constructive criticism for the development of our country.

We must not allow anything to disrupt the hard-fought earned Peace & Unity of our country. Many of our forefathers have died just to maintain this peace & unity. We should immortalize their souls by continuing living in peace and in love with one another. Despite of our challenges, but regardless we’ve enjoyed giants stride of development as a united citizens and this reason alone, must make us to continue living in harmony in order to actualize many more in the future. Remember, together we can achieve greatness.

While many people are lamenting that “there is no reason to celebrate”, I respect their convictions, constitutional rights for freedom of expression but I equally condemned their unpatriotic thoughts that we shouldn’t celebrate this independence. Nigeria of today is much more different, advanced than that of before 1960. Having gotten an independence along is a thing of joy and pride. We must not deny the fact that our fallen heroes fought well for our liberation. We must therefore, thank them for their immense contributions, which without, we would not be celebrating freedom today.

Now that we are enjoying a 60 years of freedom and as a sovereign country, we must keep working hard, thriving to make our Nation place for all.

However, there is indeed a long way to go. The development we are all yearning for, would indeed take longer time before it’s being actualized but with persistent, hard work, team work, determination and patience, One day, We would look back and say “Yes, We’ve finally made it.”

Our challenges are enormous and they requires an enormous sacrifice from all and sundry to solve them. Considering how the country was, I must admit the fact that, there are significant progress in many sectors. We must not loose hope, the same way, we overcome many of our challenges, we would also surmount the rest of them.

Compatriots, let’s not loose hope in our country. Let’s collectively look at how we’ve started, what we went through, where we are now and where we intend to be. We all should not run away from the challenges our country faced, we must develop a courage to face them till we overcome them to standstill.

We must thank God that a high significant percentage of our problems are man made and man made problems are surmountable. We just have to change our mindset, be patriotic in all our dealings. Therefore, let’s change the way we perceive, associate, judge, handle the situation and solve the problem for ourselves. Remember government alone can not do it, they need our assistance and we must play our collective parts.

Nigeria is ours. If we do not make it better, no one will do it for us. Together we can move our Nation forward. As we celebrate this year’s anniversary, I pray God to grant us peace, unity and more of productive years. May our Nation be safe and may our Nation succeed.

Happy 60th Independence Nigeria

God Bless Nigerians
God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

Abdullahi Adamu Misilli, is a Nigeria’s development enthusiast, an advocate for good governance. He tweet with the handle @Abdallahmisilli


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