Zazzau: Forum Insist On Due Process In New Emir Selection

The Forum of Zazzau Leaders (FZL) has advised the Kaduna State government and the Kingmakers to stick to established traditions and due process in the selection of the new emir for the Zazzau emirate.

The Forum further stated that doing anything untoward may not augur well for the peace and stability of the emirate.

The admonition is coming following the demise of the Emir of Zazzau last Sunday and the expected selection of a successor.

In a release to journalists in Abuja and signed by the Forum’s Chairman, Alhaji Shehu Abubakar on Friday, they urged that the recommendations of the kingmakers must be strictly adhered to by all decisions makers in the final selection of the next emir.

“Following the loss of the Emir of Zazzau last Sunday, it is expected that the successor of throne will be announced any day from now. The successor is expected to come from one of the three ruling houses of the emirate.

“The successor will have to be a descendant of Musa – the first Emir of the Mallawa clan, or the descendant of Yamusa – the first Emir of the Bare-bari clan, or the descendant of Abdulkarimu – the first Emir of the Katsinawa clan.

All candidates are expected to express their interests after the third day prayer of the late Emir. There were seven confirmed candidates who expressed their interests. Two of the candidates are Yarima from the Bare-bari, and Magajin Garin from the Mallawa clan.

The other five candidates came from the Katsianwa clan: Iya, Turaki, Uban Gari, Dan Galadima, and Sarkin Kudu.
There are five kingmakers that are tasked to shortlist and vote for the Emir before submitting the report to the Governor on Friday morning. The Kingmakers are Waziri, Makama, Fagaci, Limamin Gari, and Limamin Kona. The shortlisted Magajin Gari, Yarima, Iya, and Turaki, based on several criteria of education qualification, experience as district head, public service, public relationship, national awards, physical fitness, and relationship with the community and public.

“We are aware that on Thursday night, the five kingmakers voted for the new Emir as advised by the Governor. The election was conducted in front of the Secretary of the State Government, the Head of Service, the Police Commissioner, among many others. They used several criteria to make their decisions. Three of the kingmakers voted for Iyan Zazzau, while Turakin Zazzau and Yeriman Zazzau got one vote each.

“The kingmakers have written the report and are due to meet the Governor on today. The Governor is expected to make announcement following their meeting.

“We seriously advise that the process should be respected. Besides, the Governor is known to be a transparent person, who supports justice.” the statement said.


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