With Gov. Inuwa Yahaya, Crave for Responsibile Leadership in Gombe State, Now Met!

“Good governance is understanding the needs of the people and sufficiently providing those needs at the time when due” – Ishaq Sani, a political scientist from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, stated this last month at a meeting of “Arewa Young Intellectuals Forum” which I attended via zoom. Immediately I heard this from Ishaq, I asked myself: “did Ishaq ever been to Gombe under this present political dispensation in the state?” Knowingfully he had never in his life, even for once, been to Gombe state. I guessed he might have been tracking records of activities and achievements of Gov. Inuwa Yahaya’s administration. Because his definition summarily described the new concept of governance in Gombe state under the focused leadership of Gov. Inuwa Yahaya.

No doubt Gombe state got a concrete foundation of sterling and groovy military and political leadership since from the birth of the state in 1996 to the early years of political dispensation- from the tenure of Abubukar Hashidu (the 1st Civilian Governor) to the time when Distinguished Senator Muhammad Danjuma Goje ran the affairs of the state for a complete two terms. Since then, the foundation laid by these greatmen started collapsing from 2011 when the principle and tradition of good governance inherited by the then governor was not in anyway sustained.

From 2011 to 2019, Gombe state was craving for a better and responsible leadership that would save the state from government of incompetence, lack of blueprint, vision, focused and trust. We were desperate to have change- positive change. And we have it now.

While we were searching for a competent, focused, steadfast and courageous man that would pilot the state to a land of prosperity, there came a man with intimidating credentials, a seasoned politician and astute administrator, a trained economist, financial expert and a business mogul who ventured into politics date back in 2003 to lend his experiences and knowledge on financial management to his state by serving as commissioner of finance. The delegates in the APC used conscience in the nomination of our party’s candidate for the 2019 governorship election. Among all the 9 contenders, Inuwa Yahaya was picked out to lead the party in the race for some of his unique and exceptional attributes. And he led us to victory.

Whether you love Governor Inuwa Yahaya or not, envy or political differences must allow you to applaud the Governor on infrastructural projects across the eleven local governments of the state. Road networks connecting every part of Gombe metropolis, connecting villages with highways, are under construction while several others were completed and commissioned. Construction of classrooms and upgrade of old ones in schools across the state are still ongoing while many others were completed and even put to use before the beginning of Covid-19. I saw one of the Permanent Commissioners in SUBEB, recently, publicising that the government recently constructed 72 modern classrooms across all the LGAs.

While road, education, agriculture and other sectors received proper attention in the last one year of this administration, health sector which happens to be the most basic of all, aside water, was and still topping the priority list of this government. All Primary Health Care facilities in 114 wards were renovated and fully equipped with modern facilities for services delivery at local level for the benefit of a common man. I don’t need to tell residents of the state capital how the state Specialist Hospital has turned to be a world class hospital.

Having understood that corruption is always the tectonic bane in our developmental voyage and is mostly practiced within the civil and public service, reforms were introduced to reduce financial leakages and misappropriation in the system. Only people who were used to pooling money, illegally, from our commonwealth dislike or rather, are against these civil service reforms. Inuwa Yahaya is indeed fighting corruption harshly in the state.

In a single article or two, one cannot be able to capture the achievements of this administration because a lot has been achieved and many more are underway. Good Governance and better leadership in Gombe state is now displayed to the fullest. Kudos to the people’s Governor.

I’m impressed with the milestone the government is able to achieve despite the oodles of challenges and paucity of funds. What always makes me happy is the fact that even the opposition would always tell you that “the man is doing his best”. Indirectly, they are passing a vote of confidence on the leadership and saying a BIG THANK YOU to His Excellency for a job well done.

By Mal. Safiyanu DM

Independent Journalist writes from Gombe.


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