NYCN Gombe Chapter Rejects Special Public Works Implementation Committee

The National Youth Council Of Nigeria Gombe State Chapter have rejected the list of nominee’s released by N.D.E On the 30th of June, because the youths are being marginalised.

We can recall that sometime in oct, 2019 President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, President and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, approved a pilot Special public Works Programme in the Rural Area. And the Programme are domiciled in the National Directorate of Employment (N.D.E) for Implemtation.

The Management of the N.D.E are also directed for Constitution of a State Implemtation Committee and to Co-opt a youth based Organisation in State, the NYCN being the Apex body for all youth Organisation in the state had received a letter from N.D.E Gombe office on the 17th June, 2020. With Ref: No. NDE/GMS/ADM/45/Vol.II.
Requesting us to nominate a member to serve in the Implemtation Committee which we responded Immediately as requested, but to our greatest dismay the list that was released by the NDE our nominee is no where to be found, and all the protocol being laid down for the Selection of members is breached/Compromised by the NDE, so we Consider this Selection Committee as family and friends and we reject it in totality, because the Ordinary Nigerian that Suppose to benefit from the Programme may end up in dismay.

All efforts made by Youth Council to rectify the abnormality did not yield any positive result, from NDE and the State ministry of youth Empowerment.

On behalf of the Council and all the youth Organisations we Condemn and reject the Extended special public works programme selection committee nominee’s list of Gombe State in all it’s ramifications, and we call on all relevant authorities for involvement and review of the list for Equity and Fairness to ordinary Nigerian with immediate effect.

The NYCN in Gombe State have no doubt that President Muhammadu Buhari and his Excellency Gov. Muhammadu Inuwa yahaya are youth friendly. Therefore there should not be sabotage by corrupt Subordinates.

Build the Youth Build the Nation.

Long live NYCN

Long live Gombe State

Long Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comr. Alamin Ibrahim
NYCN Chairman Gombe State.


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