Engr Aliyu Munkaila & the Rise of Haidar Care Foundation

Everyone is aware of the dillema confronted by the irredeemable masses in Nigeria. It’s no longer a choice to choose your needs. As a matter of fact, it had happened in the past when choices and gifts were beacons of light to the populace. The period when the masses shouldered the tough decision whether to follow the tunnels of light made available by concerned leaders or to while away mouthwatering opportunities available, and wallow in abject trajectories.

Moreover, the influence of our environment and the backwardness in consciousness have continued to deprive us of the dividends of what we deserve to be given. Faced with bad leadership, characterised with abundant unproductive youths with little or no ideas of bettering the lot of their societies. The dearth of structures and various viable means meant to make brighter and succor the tune of expression; and many other dittoed ills.

In an effort to ease the wound of the masses, Engineer Aliyu Haidar came on board. He is a change maker who came as a fresh graduate full of long-lasting solution backed by seasoned personalities and passionate team. He came with a defined and divine objectives, the objective of using his foundation, HAIDAR CARE FOUNDATION, as a therapy and a succor to the many ills starving our society.

Like every other solution driven projects and movements, it takes utmost sacrifice and sincere devotion to make change and success the pillars of its progress. Encircled with challenges of sponsorship and the menace of insecurity, Aliyu Haidar makes his hard-earned money with very few sponsors and dedicated members as a tool to tackle our societal long time challenges.

To mention but a few, the provision of foodstuffs to orphanages, underprivileged withing the society, reaching out to communities in need of support of social amenities like water supply, electricity, etc. Above all, advocacy is part of the motifs of this foundation. In the face of rape, social and economic inequalities and other apparent ills like lack of quality and inclusive education for all, the foundation is also saddled with the responsibility of adding its serenading voice to the Clarion ones so that it merges up together speaking and pushing words into action.

As the foundation continues to speak and act, as it continues to dare challenges and keep up with the objective of effecting change no matter the odds. We pray more supports and prosperous and glaring future for the foundation and the targeted masses.

By A. Gombe, he is a member of Haidar Care Foundation.


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