Ace Journalist, Ruty Tene Pays Glowing Tribute To Late Dad At 93

A tribute to my father!!
Your death like any death came as a shock..even though u had warned us timelessly that u would soon leave…

Ha ha ha…u so threatened us with ur death so much I began to think u were immortal and took it for granted that I will always have one more chance to see u…

Though not a lettered man..Baba made sure every child that came through his roof went to school, if u failed to was ur choice and definitely not Baa’s.

In his prime, Baba worked the farms and his barns were always full….No wonder I am hardworking u can say…😀😀😀😀

U held unto ur faith and walked with Jesus everyday I knew u…as a child u will make sure u gave us kids particularly my late brother Hosea and I offerings and made sure we attended church….ECWA Fadan Kagoma…that u served and walked until ur feet could barely lift u to church is the testimony that we will live forever with.

You were just and everyone that crossed ur path could testify….ur testimony now that u r gone speaks louder than I ever got to know u.

The villagers all come to bear witness of ur advises, ur charity, ur care and love for all.

Baba’s house was always opened to all, of course I am blessed with so many cousins , I don’t know the half, but anytime I am home I am introduced to a couple. Your arms were opened to all.

Ur death leaves us with mixed feelings of missing we would never see u again on this side of life ..but alas we rejoice and our feet dance as we are so sure u lived well and u r in a better place.

Ah Baba..who will call me everyday to remind me to come home, even if I just left home that day?

We were blessed to have come through ur loins….we were blessed because u prayed and blessed us everyday to ur last breath ..we are blessed because u did right by us all..

I celebrate u Baa Tene…..Rest in Perfect Peace


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