Abdul Dollar: Adamawa Political Game Changer

In today’s society, the hardest and the most difficult assignment to carry out is finding someone who has distinguished himself in achieving greatness in life. Those kind of people are very rare in our society. Only few we can point at.

Alh. Abdullahi Ahmad, Abdul Dollar as people commonly called him in Adamawa state, is a bonafide son of the Adamawa soil. A business mogul who has an excellent record and reputation in the private sector. The man Adamawa state is proud of, all the times.

Abdul Dollar is gradually dominating the political space in Adamawa state. It may surprise those who think politics is a game played by only little opportunist who find themselves in the political circle either by virtue of birth, connection or family or friends influence, that Abdul Dollar, someone from the business environment is now taking stage and lead in the political enterprise. Politics could be seen as a dirty venture, but the fact people don’t want to hear is, politicians, the bad eggs, make it dirtier due to their actions and approaches. Having understood that politics is now the easiest means one can offer himself coupled with his vast knowledge and experience to the development of his immediate society, constituency and state, Abdul Dollar decided not to leave the game to those who have been spoiling it for decades. He has come to change the definition of politics in Adamawa state.

Abdul Dollar has made the highest sacrifice one would ever do to his society. He has submitted himself to the service of humanity in Adamawa state. He is moving with the genuine course of building a society where everyone would feel being equal and being treated rightly. This is a passionate man who came to show difference.

I have never met Dollar personally, but his gestures to the vulnerable citizens of Adamawa state make me feel, all the times, that Dollar is close to me. History in Adamawa state didn’t kept records of any politician in this state who did even 30% of what Dollar did and is currently doing.

Today, we have seen a man who has drilled boreholes in every ward in all the local government areas of Adamawa state from his personal purse. This man has sponsored quite a number of vulnerable individuals to pursue knowledge at different levels of study. He has succeeded in empowering women and jobless youth in Adamawa state with skills and capital to start small scale business to be economically independent.

Indeed Abdul Dollar is a rare gem! Only God will reward him for the selfless services he has been rendering to humanity in Adamawa state. Insha Allah, we would soon start counting on your political successes.

Buhari Yuguda Magaji writes from Yola in Adamawa state.


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