I Was Born To Be A Comedian – Ebosetale Kingsley

In this interview, Ebosetale Kingsley, a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma Edo state who is a professional comedian, MC, actor, content creator and event promoter speaks on why his love for the industry will continue to be strong.

What have you been up to lately?
First of all , let me take us back when I started off my career as a comedian in 2008 in my school days. I was schooling and learning the comedy trades side by side and also, I started hosting comedy shows (successfully hosted 4 shows during my 5years in school) and during my NYSC programme, I also hosted a comedy show in Abakaliki ). So over the year I have been sharpening my skills in comedy and show promotion. I have also succeeded in building a brand for myself in the Online Skit industry with over 50,000 followers across all social media platform. So in a nutshell I’ve been able to successfully stand out in building a brand for myself in comedy,Mc, Event planning cum promotion and online skit making. So I will say we are making progress.

What inspired you to do what you are doing?
I have always been an outspoken person right from my school days. I’ve been involved with lots of programmes early in life like school debates ,church drama, church choir and cultural troops. So when I discovered I could make people laugh I knew it was something I was born to do ,I knew I was meant to be in the entertainment industry. I was really determine to live a life of purpose ,like people looking back at my life and seeing the legacy of what I did and stood for during my life time, so this is what I live for.

Tell us about the project you have been working on
I’m having a big concert in Benin this year, like I try to do every year. I also have been a part of quite a number of humanitarian projects of which I’m a member of a foundation that goes on outreaches to the less privilege but personally, I remember going back to my secondary school and donating writing material to the student in the school on one of my birthdays. God willing, I hope to do more in the nearest future.

Tell us about the challenges you encountered during this period
Challenges are always inevitable in anything we put forth ourselves to do. But one of the major challenges will have to be sponsorship and investors not doing much to support talents like us. It cuts across all what I do. In comedy, money will help you promote yourself, this is after you must have prepared yourself very well and done your home work and you know what you are doing perfectly. Same goes with event promotion and likewise online skit making, aside that, all other challenges are minimal and are what we are supposed to experience

What makes you stand out?
I’m versatile and multi-tasking. Anything I set forth to do I get it done

Tell us about the interesting moment of your life
Being able to walk on the street and people recognising me for what I do is a blessing because I’m a comedian, people look at me and laugh but I look at it from the angle that I have just put a smile on someone’s face. That alone makes me feel I’m doing the right thing

How have you been enlightening your fans during the covid-19 period?
I’m not in the fronline, but i can say categorically that I have always used my platforms to enlighten Nigerians and also keep them entertained. My advise to Nigerians is to follow the guidelines give to us by the WHO and local health authorities. With faith and unity we shall over come the pandemic… May God bless and protect us all.

What’s your advice to other creative minds like you?
My advice to my fellow creative minds is to keep doing what they believe in and never deviate. Consistency is key. Sharpen yourself and always be ready for that opportunity that might shoot you to the next Level. My advice to aspiring entertainers is they should be ready because it like a battle, it’s never easy ,its a battle between yourself and your former self. Keep improving and with consistency you will always make your mark.


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