Northern Lives Matter, Mr President Hear Us

It’s no longer new news in Nigeria that the insecurities are gradually reverting after some years of unprecedented peace we’ve enjoyed since from the inception of the present administration in 2015. At some point, we all presumed our Nation is free from terror attacks. But the rising cases of banditry in Northwest shows, there’s still need to do more to keep the country safe.

Over the past few months, North has been under a serious of attacks by the unknown gunmen, popularly known as “Bandits”. Their modus operandi includes not limited to ambushing innocent souls, Looting and Kidnappings — they’re largely in the Northwestern part of Nigeria, unfortunately, with the recent attack in Katsina, the President’s state has so far the most affected by this attacks.

However, some days after President Buhari warned bandits terrorizing the North-West geopolitical zone of the country to surrender their weapons, or face “disgraceful and violent ends.” And then here comes another attack in the state. He made the call when Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina visited him at the statehouse and discussed on how to restore peace in the state.

President made the call on 6th June and On 9th, the same bandits who have been warned entered some villages in broad daylight killed about 60 innocent people, the news that awakens Northern people to recall the intervention of the President and the law enforcement agencies, which they keep mum about the sad development. As reported by the ‘Guardian Newspaper’ “Roughly 150 gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on residents before looting shops and stealing cattle in a series of assaults on Tuesday in six remote communities in Katsina state”, the sources said

This was indeed uncalled for and depicts the true state of the precarious situation we found ourselves in Northern Nigeria. One wonders how insensitive the security architecture of this country is. If the President’s state isn’t secured, then no other would be spared. The Government must walk the talk to curb the rising cases of banditry in the North and Nigeria as a whole. Failure to do so would give birth to the reemergence of another menace like Boko Haram that could consume us all.

We, therefore, live in a country where citizens are scared to leave their houses for fear of being killed due to the failure of the government that swore an oath to protect them. It’s crystal clear that the security architecture put in place to fight the scourge isn’t yielding fruitful outcomes. Security agencies must fight this matter with all the seriousness it deserves.

Thus far, we’ve had enough of planning to launch an attack or warning them to stop — this isn’t working at all. Mr. President People are dying, the North is bleeding, the time to act is now and we must fight them decisively to secure our country. I fear the time when the citizens will succumb and tired of awaiting government interventions, thereby leading to massive retaliation which will cause havoc that could set the nation ablaze.

Furthermore, some scary and heartbreaking pictures surfaced the internet lately where the bandits are seeing riding motorcycles, carrying guns and walking freely, this was highly lamentable and it indicates the presence of professional negligence from our security forces end, we are not a banana republic, we are a country with law and order — Where were they, when the bandits in broad daylight entered villages via government roads, launched an attack for hours, looted the shops and still goes free without been detected, traced and countered. They better come up with answers to these questions.

Here’s to remind the government of their primary objective “Protecting the lives and properties of their citizens” but In Nigeria now, the narrative has changed, citizens are being killed on daily basis and those saddled with the mandate to protect us are always quick to come up with baseless excuses. Because of the recent sad development, we must condemn what’s happening in the country and also tell the President to hear us, I don’t know what the service chiefs are telling him behind closed doors but it’s obvious, he has little knowledge about the true state of this country. It’s high time he listens to his people who bear the consequences.

The government must make sure our borders in Northwest are not partially monitored; they must be under surveillance 24/7. All roads lead to the forest which is probably the hideouts of the bandits should be secured. I believe by so doing, we perhaps bring an end to it. These unscrupulous people don’t have enough weapons or technical expertise to fight the Nigerian Army. We must fish them out and make them pay the ultimate price of their condemnable action.

I, therefore, conclude by calling the PRESIDENT TO HEAR US; NORTHERN LIVES MATTER; protect us.

By Abdullahi Misilli, an advocate for good governance and Nigeria’s development enthusiast. He writes from Gombe and Tweet with the handle


  1. This is an interesting write up, the country and its citizens will be glad and happy if the leadership arms ( the presidency and the national assembly) of the country hears us.
    Thank you


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