22 Years After: Remembering Gen Sani Abacha

While some sections sees Abacha as a tyrant and most controversial leader in the nation’s history, calling him sorts of names and tagging him as the most corrupted military dictator, for us in Gombe state and indeed other states created in 1996, Abacha remains a symbol of celebration.

In 1996, Abacha brought Gombe state to limelight. He fulfilled the desire of millions here. He gave us a sense of belonging. Who ever becomes some body today in Gombe, Abacha indirectly made him who he is. Without the state there wouldn’t have being Governor, senators, House of Reps members, House of Assembly members, commissioners, LG chairmen and many more.

Added to this gift of independence given to us, Abacha built the Federal Medical Centre (now Federal Teaching Hospital)- most functional health facility in the state.

May Allah grant his soul eternal rest and Jannah.


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